Thursday, April 6, 2017

Review of Some Practical Magic by Laurie C. Kuna (spoiler free)

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"Kitchen Witch" Cassandra Hathorne doesn't know what she's getting herself into. To escape her mother's relentless matchmaking, Cassie jumps at the opportunity to go on a book tour headlined by blockbuster horror novelist M. S. Kazimer. Even though Mick's not one of her own kind, sparks fly between them.

But Mick has a secret more disturbing than Cassie's own secret of being a real witch. A serial killer, one who's been copycatting the murders in M. S. Kazimer's books, is now stalking the tour. And Cassie must choose between keeping Mick's love and protecting them all with her practical magic.

I had a lot of fun reading this book! I love reading about witches, and I love a good romance. Cassie was so like-able, and the relationship between her and her familiar, Endora (Yes, that's the name of Samantha's mom in Bewitched), was really refreshing for me. I read a lot of romance books where the main female and male characters are pretty much it as far as cast of the story goes, so to have other characters who are more than just passing by was nice. I liked Cassie mother, Medusa, also. She reminded me of Debbie Reynolds character from the Disney movie, Halloweentown, which is a movie I still love to watch whenever it's on TV. Medusa was a little meddling, but had her daughters best interests at heart and was able to see when she needed to step back and when to interfere. 
Agatha Cromwell (Debbie Reynolds) in Halloweentown.
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The serial killer thing was something I feel like I've seen on an episode of Law & Order: SVU. It kept the tension up towards the end of the story and brought everyone together when they needed to be though. The romance moved a little fast. I don't have a problem with insta-love but it went from 'hey, he's cute' to 'hey, let's get married' in less than a week, and moving that quickly towards marriage didn't seem to fit with either characters personality. Mick is reserved, and thoughtful, and was still getting over his relationship with Jennifer ending. And Cassie is sensible, and independent, and it just didn't seem to fit with either of them. It did get really mushy towards the end of the story too, with both Cassie and Mick talking incessantly about how much they loved each other. I'm not a very mushy person so that was a little annoying. 

Overall, not terribly original but still a fun book with good characters. 3 out of 5 stars. 

Note: I received a free copy of this book for review, from the publisher.

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