Saturday, April 8, 2017

What I'm Reading Right Now #11

This week was an okay week for reading. I had to make the decision to add to the DNF list, which I'm sad about but I needed to do it. I only finished two books, but I'm optimistic for next week looking much better on the reading front.Neither of the two books I finished counted for the RMSC however the 'Whole Deal' post has been updated with the DNF's and can be found here.

Books I Finished

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Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (spoiler free) - In this book we follow Madeline, Celeste, and Jane as they navigate through their children's kindergarten year. There's lots of drama, as someone is bullying in their class and Jane's son Ziggy is accused of being the bully. Ziggy maintains that he isn't the bully but none of the adults seem to believe him and even his own mother questions his innocence as she finally begins to heal from the rather traumatic events surrounding Ziggy's conception.  The school-yard antics of the parents escalate until someone ends up dead at the schools fundraising Trivia Night.

I really enjoyed this book. It had short chapters, I love short chapters. It was nearly 500 pages but I was able to go through it in three days. I also liked that it kept me guessing. I figured out who Ziggy's father was pretty early on, but I never figured out who was murdered. When I read the murder scene I was so glad it wasn't who I thought it was. I also liked that the characters of all the parents where so real. I feel like I know people who are like some of the characters, and they were so well written they seemed to pop off the page. Especially Madeline, she reminded me so much of Jackie Tyler, Rose's mom from Doctor Who. The part that got to me the most was Celeste. Her whole story just made me want to hug her. I gave Big Little Lies 4 out of 5 stars
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Some Practical Magic by Laurie C. Kuna - I received a free copy of Practical Magic through NetGalley for review. I had fun reading it and did a full review, which can be found here.

Books I DNF'd 

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Deadhouse Gates by Steven Erikson - I had to go ahead and DNF this. I enjoyed what I did read of it, and I fully intend to give it another try, but it just wasn't happening right now. From my experience with this series they're pretty dense, and it takes me a lot to get into them. I really have to be able to give it my full attention and I just can't do that right now.
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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata - I have found that although
I can read several books at once, I can only do one e-book at a time. Probably because all book look the same on a Kindle whereas paper books all look different. But since I've got four or five ARC's right now, all e-books, I'm not able to keep going with this one. I do still intend to read it but now is not the time for it.

What I'm Reading Right Now

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Outlander by Diana Gabaldon - I've made a bit of progress with this in the last week and I'm really liking it. I'm going to keep going with it now that I'm getting into it.

The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan - I've wanted to read this for so so long! It a mystery/thiller which I don't usually read a lot of but this one had me hooked when I read a preview of the first chapter a while ago.

The Furthest Station (Peter Grant 5.7) by Ben Aaronovitch - This is a novella of the Peter Grant series, which I got as an ARC from NetGalley. I'm loving it so far and I'm going to read the entire series now.

Upcoming ARC's 
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These are books that I've recently received for review through NetGalley. 

In Calabria by Peter S. Beagle - Publication date 2/14/17

Practicing Normal by Cara Sue Achterberg - Publication date 6/6/17

Mightier Than the Sword by K.J. Parker - Publication date 6/30/17


  1. I might have to pick up Big Little Lies....your thoughts on the book have grabbed my attention for sure!

    1. I hope you do, it's a good one! And thank you!

  2. These sound like interesting books! I hope you enjoy them all!

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  3. I loved Big Little Lies! And the trivia night thing was so well done. Made me a big Liane Moriarty fan.

    1. I'm going to read some more of her books for sure now!