Friday, December 30, 2016

T-minus 2 days...

I'm so ready for this challenge to start! Well, not really. I'm actually pretty unprepared for life in general but I am excited to get started with the Read My Shelves Challenge. I was hoping to have my reading nook all set up, I was hoping to have all my books up on shelves and beautifully displayed so I could choose what to read easily, but it looks like all of that is on hold for a while. Christmas was crazy, and my house is a disaster. Not a total disaster, but just enough of a disaster for my anxiety about it to be completely paralyzing. I'm trying to get things back under control so I can focus and whats helping me the most right now is setting a timer for 20 minutes and then cleaning till the timer goes off, then I get to be lazy for a while before I do the timer thing again. So my goal for now is to have the house in decent shape by new years day. 

So for now, most of my books are in boxes, the only couch in the house is the one in front of the T.V. (which is totally distracting, even when the T.V. is off), and the house is a bit of a mess. I have some sort of vague-ish plans to fix all of that though! I already discussed the timer thing for the house, the couch and the bookshelves are going to take some time though. My mom is getting a new couch and said I could have her old one, which is in really good shape, not a horrible color, and free, I just have to wait till she gets her new couch out of layaway, so no real timeline on that one.

 But bookshelves, I am trying to convince my husband to buy some NEW bookshelves. We have the money right now, and the old ones are falling apart, which is why they no longer hold any books. Plus we are trying to have another baby and once that happens we are going to need the room where the books are currently housed for the baby's room. So, the upstairs living room, which is currently a playroom which contains no real furniture, will have a couch and my book shelves, and all of my mini-me's toys. I want that room to look nice, and cohesive, not thrown together and just a mish-mash of furniture. It's the room our front door opens into, it's people first impression of our home, I want it to be a good one. So matching bookshelves are a must for that room as far as I'm concerned. Luckily, most of the toys are on a Expedit shelf from Ikea, which means it should be pretty easy to get a couple more of them, even in different sizes. 

Honestly, I have a lot of ideas for that room and most of them probably aren't going to happen. But as long as it looks nice when people walk though the door, I can hide all the toys, or at least make them look nice, and I can actually relax in that room I'll be happy with it. 

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