Saturday, December 31, 2016

2 Hours to go!! And a little about book formats!

It's nearly 10 PM on New Year's Eve! The Read My Shelves Challenge is about to start! I've made a chart in my bullet journal. I've made a shelf on Goodreads. I've got boxes of books waiting for me to choose one. What will the first book be?

Well, it's one I started before Christmas and haven't had time to finish. And I may have held off reading it because it's one I've owned for several years and haven't read before and I felt like I should save it for the RMSC. Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson. I've always heard amazing about the Malazan series and I'm excited to start it but I really want it to count for the challenge. I've actually got the first three books in the series so those three at the least will count although I will probably end up getting the rest of the series sometime this year. Which brings me to the next formats.

There's a lot of back and forth about print books versus ebooks. Well I like both. I have tons of books waiting to be read on my kindle, almost as many as I have sitting on my bookshelves (or in boxes, whatever) waiting to be read. I also have a bunch of audiobooks I bought when I had an Audible subscription and haven't listened too yet. So I'll be reading all kinds of formats for the RMSC.
I have two kindle fires, the kindle app on my phone and on my laptop, so ebooks will be happening for sure. I love that my kindles automatically sync so I can switch from one to the other without losing my place, which is nice when your battery is about to die on one because you stayed up way too late reading. Audiobooks are perfect to listen too while cleaning and cooking, I also listen to a few podcasts so I'll be switching it up there. But nothing compares to a book. I love nothing more than warm socks, a cozy blanket, a cup of tea, and a book. So all in all, I have lots of ways to read books, I'll make use of all of them, but nothing beats a printed book.

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