Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What I'm Reading Right Now

I can never seem to do these on time. It's supposed to be every Friday but it never happens that way. Maybe I should just say I'll post one every week and a half-ish. That seems much better.

On the bright side, I've got a new book to write about this week! The Relic Master by Christopher Buckley. I'm taking my time reading it, I've been looking forward too it for a long time and so far it's living up too the hype. I first read about it in Bookmarks Magazine (if you haven't read it go to Barnes & Noble and pick one up, totally worth the $5.95 every other month), and I got it for christmas when it came out in paperback. So far the details are historically accurate, which it SO SO SO important in a historical fiction, the characters are interesting (a mercenary who got tired of killing and started dealing relics to Archbishops? Yes, please!), and the religious commentary is completely realistic (selling of indulgences funding a corrupt Pope, and nobility buying their way into high religious offices). All signs point to an excellent read!

I'm also still working on The Gardens of the Moon. I've been looking forward to it too much, and heard too many good things about it to give up on it before two hundred pages. I'm holding off on starting any Kindle books, as I'm feeling a bit burnt out on romances.

I'm sure I'll have something new to add in the next What I'm Reading post as I have book club tonight. I'll probably do a post on my book club sometime this week, since this month was my pick and I'm super excited about it! So more posts later this week! Happy Reading!

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