Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ARC's; Part 2 Taking the Plunge...Again

I talked about my first experience with an ARC a few days ago. My anxiety is just getting back to normal after that. It was bad. The book was bad. Everything was bad. Well, I got an email from another author's mailing list that I'm on this morning, asking for ARC readers, and since I've read her books before and loved them I signed up. And I got an ARC copy of her newest book! I'm pretty excited about this one. I've already started the book and it's amazing! I might even post my review here as well as Amazon or wherever she wants reviews posted.

However, this puts me back up to reading four books at a time again. I guess it's starting to become my normal. At least I'm enjoying all the books right now. I'm only going to do ARC's for authors I've read before from now on, things seem to be better that way.

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