Sunday, January 15, 2017

Tracking in the Bullet Journal

In a previous post I talked about using a bullet journal to help me in tracking progress. I wanted to go into it a little more since I love the concept of the bullet journal as a whole. However, I'm really new to the whole thing so this won't be a post with perfect, beautiful, journal pages that are color coordinated and hand drawn by an artist. Right now I have a notebook of graph paper, a ruler, and a pencil.

It's a little hard to see because it's in pencil, but I have this same set up for each day of the week. I have a goal for the day, which is usually something about housework, a to-do list of three things, a might-do list of three things, the dinner menu, a reminder to drink water, and a square for reading goals. 

I also made a graph to track my progress on the Read My Shelves Challenge, and a calendar for the month. I figure I'll do a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month and then have a page for each day. Since it's a completely customizable I can add different things as I go. 

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